An Artisan Designer Toy

An Artisan Designer Toy

A documentary about the pleasure of creating, getting dirty hands, and learning from mistakes.

An Artisan Designer Toy. Watch now!

Watch now OnLine!   An Artisan Designer Toy is a documentary about handcrafting Art Toys. A hundred minutes long to learn, improve or just enjoying with the pleasure of creating, getting dirty hands and learning from mistakes.   You will find a guide to make your own Art Toys. In addition you can see interviews […]

An Artisan Designer Toy exhibition catalogue

For all those who couldn’t assist to the exhibition the day of the documentary premiere, and for those who want to enjoy again its art toys, we have designed an exhibition catalogue. A hundred and thirty-four pages with information about the project An Artisan Designer Toy, and all art toy photos.   Available printed and PDF format […]

Photos from An Artisan Designer Toy premiere

Photos by Toni Blay. Twitter. Flickr.            

An Artisan Designer Toy original score

We got in touch with Vicente Tormo, composer, producer and arranger, to compose the original score. Vicente has worked as musician with Benito Kamelas, Guillermo Martín y José Miguel Sánchez among others. Also he has worked as recording technician at Clay Kids. The score has been recorded at Pepegas Records studios with an excellent result.     

An Artisan Designer Toy Trailer #3

An Artisan Designer Toy third trailer. Premiere + Exhibition June 2014.  

An Artisan Designer Toy trailer #2

An Artisan Designer Toy second trailer. Premiere + Exhibition June 2014.  

An Artisan Designer Toy Trailer #1

We introduce you… The first trailer for An Artisan Designer Toy!  

Premiere + Exhibition

Today is a great day. We can say when and where will be the An Artisan Designer Toy premiere. It is time to enjoy the movie, because after more than a year of hard work from our side and long wait from yours, there is enthusiasm for seeing the result.   Premiere will be in Valencia, on Saturday 14th June 2014. The place will be La […]

DIY versions An Artisan Designer Toy

The creative challenge and the pleasure of working on a DIY of any platform is immense. We can say that we’ve really enjoyed more working on Syk customs than during their production process. It’s feeling the complete freedom of doing whatever you want!   Therefore Zuby McField, Hunterbit and Pepper won’t be less. We introduce the An Artisan […]

“An Artisan Designer Toy” Toys

Some views of the “An Artisan Designer Toy” Toys: Zuby McField, Hunterbit and Pepper. Will be on sale soon at our store.      

An Artisan Designer Toy poster

We introduce you the poster designed for An Artisan Designer Toy. Its bare essentials: Two people manufacturing three designer toys with their hands.   We designed this poster to convey the simplicity with which the film develops. Project methodology says: A number of required operations, arranged in a logical order dictated by experience.  

An Artisan Designer Toy speech

On October 20th, we were giving a speech about An Artisan Designer Toy in the First Craft and Design Days in Valencia, organized by queCraft. It was a pleasure to be invited in this Days, and more, to be exposing more than one hour our project and exchanging views with the audience. Thank you for coming!   […]

Pepper logo

The focus in Pepper is in his twisted tongue. It is the point from which triggers his anger. So from the beginning we knew that the tongue should be an important part of his brand. El centro de atención en Pepper se encuentra en su retorcida lengua. Es el punto desde el que se desencadena […]

Hunterbit logo

Hunterbit logo has a warrior sediment. Hunterbit is a dam in the animal kingdom that decided to lead their life to a different level than nature had intended for him. For this it was necessary to give the logo a certain forcefulness, security and energy.  

Zuby McField logo

The logo that represents this Toy begins taking shape while bearing in mind that Zuby is a personified monster. He has a normal life, he has a job, he runs, DIY, etc. Even has a name: Zuby McField. This personification requires a handwriting logo, like it was his own letter.   After working in some lines […]

Third Toy prototype: Pepper

Pepper is a strange character. His essence is pepper. There are no blood in his veins, he has a pepper saturated solution.   Pepper reacts whenever someone uses pepper in their cooking practices. Black, white or green, it doesn’t matter! It generates an imbalance in his vital solution and turns it into a irritable creature, […]

Erik Lee interview

The interviews with our collaborators finished with Erik Lee, the author of TURU. From La Latina neighborhood with Pipo&Astutto to Las Letras neighborhood.   There, in a little and bright attic, we talked to Erik. We shared common sensations and realized that there is more people than we believed, wishing to create . After the […]

Pipo&Astutto interview

On April 25th we were in Madrid. We interviewed to Pipo&Astutto in the La Latina neighborhood. We wanted to know these guys.   After having a coffee near to a beautiful fridge, we started talking about the story behind Supergordo and his making off. All about in the magic atmosphere of a atelier. Surrounded by a typographic […]

Second Toy prototype: Hunterbit

Hunterbit was a rabbit jaded of living like a prey. Tired of hidding and bored of eating vegetables. He needed a change in his life. He needed to let out this wild side that everyone has.   One day he waked up with enough courage to put a paw outside of the limits imposed by […]

Emilio García interview

We were with Emilio García on April 24th. We arrived early in the morning and we were all day talking with him.   Our first impression was very friendly. He went down the street to meet us and took out his car from the garage to park ours. Shortly we were starting with the interview. […]

VuitBits interview

On saturday april 20th afternoon, we arrived to Santa Coloma de Gramenet to talk with Sergio.   We started with the interview after looking at his wide collection of Toys. We saw how works a 3D printer, talked about the possibilities what offers and, also, we saw the Toys he created with this technique.   […]

HX Studio interview

On Saturday April 20th we left early in Valencia, at 6 am. We arrived at about 9:30 to Arenys de Munt. Jesper waiting there for us to do the interview.   More than an interview with a interviewer and a interviewed, we were looking for a talk between lovers of toys. We liked the result and this is […]

First Toy prototype: Zuby McField

Zuby was a normal monster, like other ones. He has an ordinary life. He had a job, he went running no so far than two blocks, he used to do DIY on sundays… Just a normal monster.   Until one day, while a new neighbor was moving to the neighborhood, saw himself in a mirror […]

Sketches: Between red and black

  We see this phase in red and black, it is the balance between emotion and reason. First, the red prevails. Running away from limits, you want everything flowing without control, no concerns. You just want to create, though it has no sense. You want to feel free, without justification, just drawing to pull out […]

Work in progress

Filming with phones

The nature of this project allows us to record with mobile devices. The purpose of this documentary is to encourage people making toys by their own, with their hands and low budgets. This is the reason why we’re filming with phones and tablets, because everyone have it and offer an acceptable quality.  

Do more, think less

To start something, you have to Start. It is clear, but often is the first problem: Overcoming the fear of the blank page. You stand in front of the paper and freezes against Nothingness.   A great option is to do more and think less. Looking for a place you feel right and starting, let flow the […]

What is special about this documentary?

This question could have a lot of answers, it depends who were you asking about. From our point of view we’ll highlight the uncertainty created by producing a documentary about something that does not exist yet. It sounds ridiculous when you say “We’re going to produce a documentary about something what doesn’t exist”. A logical order […]

Three different experiences with the same goal

An Artisan Designer Toy is going to be an enriching documentary. From a pragmatic point of view, because you’ll find three different experiences to achieve the same aim. This ensures the public to see three ways to produce their Designer Toy: You’ll be able to follow any of the three processes, you’ll be able to mix the […]

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