An Artisan Designer Toy

An Artisan Designer Toy

A documentary about the pleasure of creating, getting dirty hands, and learning from mistakes.

The project, ¿what is this about?

What are we going to do?

It will be a documentary that show the process of creating a Designer Toy handcrafted, from the first sketch to get a copy on hand.

We want to share our experience and our way of working, and share it as a guide for anyone’s creative process, beginner or expert, who want to take their projects to the end successfully. Offer a real formula to reach the greatest number of people, to encourage them to start and grow their projects, having the certainty of not abandon them when the problems begin.




How are we going to do it?

Our project goals:

  1. Giving people creating toys, a chance to learn a working method easily and effectively to convert their designs into physical objects.
    We see many people who discover the world of Designer Toys, and quickly become lovers. Usually, the next step is try to create their own. Then there use to appear a series of problems that lead them to choose between two options: one is sending them to produce industrially, losing the opportunity to participate in the development of their own creation, and another is get their hands dirty and manufacture it themselves.
  2. Keeping a Surprise Effect in creating this toy. Follow step by step the creation of a new toy, which has never before existed and wich will be linked to the achievement of the documentary, since this toy will exist with it.
  3. Introducing technical innovation of artisan character, able to get the necessary hollowness in the final object. This goal is innovative because it allows the toy to be sufficiently hollow without losing its qualities and its final consistency, and saving 70% of materials.
  4. The versatility of the artisan method. The process we will use in the documentary, is adaptable to the creation of any physical object, beyond Designer Toys, like other creative needs such as: industrial design prototypes, homemade models, scale reproductions of pieces, etc. …

We want this project / documentary encourage the designs become realities manufactured by the person creating them, so that the process of creation have an impact on personal satisfaction and feel.




About our relationship with Designer Toys

Some time ago we developed these “designer toys”, because with their creation and production we collected the maximum expression of creative finishing on the object. An object that sometimes we have sold, and sometimes we have given away, as personalized gifts to our clients, always from the enjoyment and professionalism.
So, as usual we have been discussing developments and difficulties encountered in the process, with other people who have developed their toys in parallel. It was in this exchange of experiences, when we realized that many people leave abandoned their projects, encountering difficulties and locks that did not reach find solutions to.
This fact led us to transmit and share our experiences in a book, in which we gather pictures we had done during the creative process. Later, we design a mobile application (app) to include multimedia content that we thought beneficial to show a little more about our work.

So what in principle was a material that was not intended to be used either in books or Apps, was compiled, organized and formated to be shown to the world .
We intend to show in this documentary, the artisanal creation of a new Designer Toy, so we engage people who wish to walk with us on this project, offering them the opportunity to stay with us from the very first moment of its design, to its final production from scratch, showing the steps we take in its realization.
For this, our aim is to have the collaboration of reputable designers and experts, who can bring their experience in design and craft production, through interviews.

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